Regular meeting – Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Stilwell Community Building – 6th & Poplar

5:00 P.M.



Roll Call:

Mission Statement:

“The City of Stilwell is committed to providing an attractive, sustainable and secure environment for the enjoyment of residents and visitors.  Fulfilling this commitment requires an open approach to business, a cooperative atmosphere in government, and a concern for the health and safety of all our citizens.  Our constant goal is realistic innovation coupled with intelligent planning and quality action resulting in a positive and progressive city both now and in the future.”

Comments by Mayor:

Items for Information:

IFI #1 – Code Enforcement Report

IFI #2 – Invitation to attend OML Emergency Response Program Training

Consent Agenda

  1. Approval of minutes of Regular Meeting December 4, 2017 and Special Meeting December 22, 2017.
  2. Approval of requisitions in the sum of $6177.22
  3. Approval of blanket purchase orders in the sum of $59,080.00
  4. Approval of payment of claims for:
    1. $234,206.84 from Fund 10 – General Fund
    2. $1,394.08 from Fund 17 – Stilwell Improvement Authority
    3. $9,000 from Fund 20 – Capital Improvement Fund
    4. $1,500 from Fund 30 – Street & Alley Fund
    5. $2,351.36 from Fund 90 – CDBG
  5. Approval of November 2017 payroll in the sum of $179,575.57


Regular Agenda


         1.         Discussion with possible decision to add the Davidson Heights and Utility Department schedules to the Consolidated Schedule for calendar year 2018.


         2.         Discussion with possible decision to approve purchase contract, upon completion of quiet title, with Carson Ranch, LLC. for 9.8 acres on the north side of the current City Cemetery   The legal description as follows:

The S½ of the SE¼ of the NW¼ of the NW¼  


All that part of the S½ of the SW¼ of the NE¼ of the NW¼ lying West of Cemetery Road, all being in Section 34, Township 16 North, Range 25 East of the Indian Base and Meridian Adair County, Oklahoma.  Subject to all record and non-recorded Easements, Restrictions, Reservations, Covenants, Mineral Rights and Rights-of-Way, if any, containing 9.8 acres, more or less.


Total cost to be $98,000 plus associated costs of less than $3000.  Additional budget adjustment of $5,000 to be made to Cemetery Fund 50-03-645301. 


         3.         Opening of Sealed bids for “Bypass Mowing Contract”, as per published invitation to bid, followed by discussion with possible decision to award bid for “Bypass Mowing Contract”.


         4.         Discussion with possible decision on cut dirt 2 feet from curb on both sides of the highway bypass.  ODOT will help with Signage.


         5.         Discussion with possible decision on electrical repair and upgrade for City Shop.


         6.         Discussion with possible decision to assign members for Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Lodge 169 negotiation team for FY 2018-19 contract negotiations.


         7.         Discussion with possible decision to apply for Adult-0000-STILWELL CI-00141 which is a  US Department of Labor program (USDOL) administered through the Oklahoma Office of Workforce Development to provide $15,000 (to be matched by the city) toward assisting low-income adults (over age 22) with employment, training opportunities, and supportive services.


         8.         Discussion with possible decision to approve purchase and installation by Street Department of additional 155 feet of fencing (to the existing gate) for less than $4600 and 570 feet of fencing from the gate to the back boundary of the existing cemetery for less than $17,000 to be paid from Cemetery Fund 50-03-645301, requiring a budget increase of up to $21,600 for the above named account to match the approved action.


         9.         Discussion with possible decision to approve twenty-five (25) year lease, with renewal option, of ten (10) acres consisting of the existing area under lease to the Adair County Fair Association as well as the area adjoining it to the west, known as the old High School Baseball Field.  Rental for Lease shall be per annum and decided by the council.  The complete legal description is as follows:

All of SW¼ NE¼ SW¼ of Section 26, Township 16 North, Range 25 East


       10.       Discussion with possible decision to approve mid-year budget adjustments as follows:            

a.       $30,000 from Capital Improvement 20-01-645301 to Administration General Fund

b.      $8,000 from Capital Improvement 20-07-645301 to Library General Fund

c.       $20,000 from Capitol Improvement 20-16-615205 to Park General Fund

d.      $10,000 addition to Cemetery General Fund

e.       $8,000 addition to Community Building General Fund

f.        $30,000 addition to Police General Fund

g.      $124,000 addition to Street General Fund

h.      $5,000 addition to Municipal Court General Fund

for a total of $58,000 transferred and $177,000 added.


       11.       Discussion with possible decision to concrete behind Police Department to remedy drainage problem at a projected cost of $5,000.


       12.       Discussion with possible decision to approve six-month probation raises to Tony Worley, Tommy Smith, and Danny Barker of $1.00 per hour on six-month anniversary of employment in January, 2018


Possible Executive Session for discussion of Item 13 as per Title 25 O.S. 307(B)(1).


Possible Return from Executive Session as per Title 25 O.S. 307(B)(1).


       13.       Consideration, discussion and possible approval regarding any matter not known about or which could have not reasonably been foreseen prior to the time of posting (Title 25, O.S. Sec. 311).


 Other Business                                                        








_______________________________________      __________________________________

Jim Spray, Acting Mayor—Council President           Larry A, Nettles, City Clerk-Treasurer



Posted:                        Friday, December 29, 2017 at 2:30 p.m.

                                    Stilwell Community Building, 6th & Poplar

                                    Stilwell City Hall, 503 W. Division 


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