Regular meeting – Monday March 4, 2019

Stilwell Community Building – 6th & Poplar

5:00 P.M.


Roll Call

Mission Statement:

“The City of Stilwell is committed to providing an attractive, sustainable and secure environment for the enjoyment of residents and visitors.  Fulfilling this commitment requires an open approach to business, a cooperative atmosphere in government, and a concern for the health and safety of all our citizens.  Our constant goal is realistic innovation coupled with intelligent planning and quality action resulting in a positive and progressive city both now and in the future.”

Comments and Items for Information:

IFI #1 – Code Enforcement Report

IFI #2 – Annual retirement payment to Kevin Stuhmer has been made.

IFI #3 – Verizon phones (4) are being upgraded with new plan and all I-phone 7’s with no increase in cost.

IFI #4 – Probationary raises as per policy have been awarded to Deana Butler and Ken Hubbard.

IFI #5 – Filing for office is today, tomorrow and Wednesday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Consent Agenda

  1. Approval of minutes of Regular Meeting February 4, 2019, and Special Meeting February 11, 2019.
  2. Approval of blanket purchase orders in the sum of $60,350.00
  3. Approval of payment of claims for:
    1. $157,443.67 from Fund 10 – General Fund
    2. $0.00 from Fund 14 – Library Fund
    3. $1,394.08 from Fund 17 – Stilwell Improvement Authority
    4. $2,382.24 from Fund 20 – Capital Improvement Fund
    5. $2,770.92 from Fund 30 – Street & Alley Fund
    6. $0.00 from Fund 90 – Safe Routes
  4. Approval of February, 2019, payroll in the sum of $187,654.29.


Regular Agenda


1.      Discussion with possible decision concerning drainage request from Kenny Davidson.


2.      Discussion with possible decision to approve Resolution No. 03-04-2019: A Resolution Approving State of Oklahoma Department of Transportation School Zone Speed Limit Modification.


3.      Discussion with possible decision to approve the installation of two 24 ft. speed bumps with appropriate signage on Walnut Street between the front of Schwan’s and Schwan’s employee parking lots at a cost of less than $3600 to be paid from an equal increase in Capital Improvement Fund 20-12-645300.


4.      Discussion with possible decision regarding the conduct of the city election to be held April 2, 2019; assigning authority to hire workers for the election.


5.      Discussion with possible decision to waive first year fee for a Softball Tournament on Strawberry Festival weekend which Kiwanis hopes will become an annual event.



Possible Executive Session for discussion of Items # as per Title 25 O.S. 307(B)(1).


Possible Return from Executive Session as per Title 25 O.S. 307(B)(1).



6.      Discussion with possible decision to hire 1 seasonal laborer at $8.50 per hour for the Edna M. Carson-Stilwell Community Park from the following applications:  Steven Dority, Alan Gann, Ethan Fourkiller, Kolbey Hembree, Lila Morton, Jimmy Sellers.


7.      Consideration, discussion and possible approval regarding any matter not known about or which could have not reasonably been foreseen prior to the time of posting (Title 25, O.S. Sec. 311.) 



 Other Business                                                        


















_______________________________________      __________________________________

Jim Spray, Acting Mayor—Council President           Larry A, Nettles, City Clerk-Treasurer





Posted:                        Friday, March 1, 2019 at 2:30 p.m.

                                    Stilwell Community Building, 6th & Poplar

                                    Stilwell City Hall, 503 W. Division 


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