Regular meeting – Monday March 5, 2018

Stilwell Community Building – 6th & Poplar

5:00 P.M.




Roll Call

Comments from the Mayor

Open Forum: Comments from the Floor*

*The rules for this section are:

  • Speakers must identify themselves and sign in prior to the start of the meeting
  • Each speaker is giving a maximum of three (3) minutes
  • Total time allocated to this item is thirty (30) minutes

 The President reserves the right to interrupt this section and move to the next item.


Items for Information:

IFI #1 – We are not eligible to apply for a CDBG grant this year but will be next year.

IFI #2 – Code Enforcement Report

Consent Agenda

  1. Approval of minutes of Regular Meeting on February 5, 2018, and Special Meeting on February 12, 2018.
  2. Approval of requisitions in the sum of $840.00
  3. Approval of blanket purchase orders in the sum of $60,950.00
  4. Approval of payment of claims for:
    1. $136,499.12 from Fund 10 – General Fund
    2. $0.00 from Fund 14 – Library Fund
    3. $1,394.08 from Fund 17 – Stilwell Improvement Authority
    4. $6,897.03 from Fund 20 – Capital Improvement Fund
    5. $996.82 from Fund 30 – Street & Alley Fund
    6. $0.00 from Fund 50 – Cemetery Fund
    7. $1,540.00 from Fund 90 – CDBG
  5. Approval of February 2018 payroll in the sum of $172,235.70


Regular Agenda


         1.         Discussion with possible decision to purchase to approve six-month probation raise for Larry Gatewood of $1.00 per hour on six-month anniversary of employment on March 6, 2018.


         2.         Discussion with possible decision to approve Donna Johnson to provide training for payroll clerk at $25 per hour retro-actively to January 1, 2018.


         3.         Discussion with possible decision concerning use of a portion of the area leased to Mike Ketcher for hay cutting on property north of Adair County Park to be used as a shooting/training range for the Police Department. 


         4.         Discussion with possible decision to open alley between Walnut and Maple Streets between 2nd Street and 3rd Street to allow installation of a drive-thru for Okie Joe’s barbeque with possible survey of alley by city.


         5.         Discussion with possible decision to purchase 5 SCBA Replacement Carbon-Fiber cylinders with hoses and a 1000-gallon poly tank with pump and hoses for the Fire Dept. for a total of $11,357 to be taken out of General Fund 10-06-645300.


         6.         Discussion with possible decision to accept or reject each bid received for the following 5 items as publicly posted.


a.       Dilapidated structures located on Yallip Investments property on Blackjack Street (Trailer Park).  Tear down and remove dilapidated structures and clean-up trash.


b.      Abatement of weeds and trash on property behind EZ Mart (Utah Thorns property).


c.       Abatement of weeds/trash/brush and unsecured structure on Maria Maldonado property on Division Street.  Board and secured a dilapidated storage building and clean-up brush/weeds/trash on property.


d.      Abatement of unsecured structure at 219 North 5th Street known as Charolette Kastner’s property.  Structure is to be boarded and secured.


e.       Abatement of dilapidated structures at corner of 2nd and Division Street, Dowell Buckner’s and Virginia Fishinghawks’s conjoined properties.  Structures are to be torn down and clean-up of property.  (Only structures without roof).


         7.         Discussion with possible decision to approve Mayoral appointment of Matthew Gatewood to fill position in Stilwell Sanitation Department effective February 26, 2018.


         8.         Discussion with possible decision to approve renewal of APTEAN software package from 4/1/18 through 3/31/19 at a cost of $6,208.30 requiring an equal budget adjustment to 10-01-614000.


         9.         Discussion with possible decision to approve purchase of 2009 Yanmar C50R-3C Track Dump Truck for the cemetery requiring a budget increase of $45,000 to Cemetery Fund 50-03-645300.


       10.       Discussion with possible decision to approve purchase of two Sentry Model 14V-B Storm Warning Sirens for a total of $40,000 from Storm Sirens Inc. from Capital Improvement Fund 20-05-645301.


       11.       Discussion with possible decision to approve Collective Bargaining Agreement with FOP Lodge # 169 for FY 2018-2019.



Possible Executive Session for discussion of Items # as per Title 25 O.S. 307(B)(1).


Possible Return from Executive Session as per Title 25 O.S. 307(B)(1).



       12.       Discussion with possible decision to hire 2 seasonal laborers at $8.50 per hour for the Edna M. Carson-Stilwell Community Park as per the Published Notice from applications that were received within last six months and viable at 4:00 p.m. on March 1, 2018.  Those applicants are:  Robert Barfield, Christopher Creel, Darryl Jennings, Nathan Morton, Stacy Wallis, Brad Edward Warren.


       13.       Consideration, discussion and possible approval regarding any matter not known about or which could have not reasonably been foreseen prior to the time of posting (Title 25, O.S. Sec. 311.) 



Other Business                                                         


















_______________________________________      __________________________________

Jim Spray, Acting Mayor—Council President           Larry A, Nettles, City Clerk-Treasurer





Posted:                        Friday, March 2, 2018 at 2:30 p.m.

                                    Stilwell Community Building, 6th & Poplar

                                    Stilwell City Hall, 503 W. Division 


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