1. Deferred Payment
  2. Automatic Bill Payments
  3. Average Billing Program

Deferred Payment - Customer Assistance

We realize that our customers are not always able to pay their bills by the due date. Our Customer Service Representatives are available to provide information and assist you in applying for deferred payment. Please contact a representative at 918-696-5084.

  • Deferrals must be made by application in person at the Stilwell Utilities office.
  • Approval is not automatic and additional conditions may be required.
  • No more than one deferral may be in process on an account at any time (this includes assistance programs from other agencies that promise to pay at a date after the regular due date).
  • No further extension will be approved on a deferred payment agreement.
  • Application for deferred payment should be made no later than the last business day before the 20th of the month or the customer risks disconnect for non-payment. Holidays and weekends may cause that deadline to fall several days before the 19th of the month.
  • No arrangements can be made on the day Stilwell Utilities is disconnecting delinquent accounts.