Public Transit

Kibois Area Transit System (KATS) is available for transportation of Stilwell residents and visitors.  KATS is located at Mr B's Shopping Center.  For More information about transportation, rates, or schedules, click here or call 918.696.4787.   

In Town - $1.00 per stop                       
•4 and under ride free other children .50 per child when accompanied by adult.
•Children 5 to 9 years or younger must be accompanied by adult unless part of school route.
•Children 5 to 9  years and older $1.00 per stop.
Contract hours for TANF, SoonerRides, Head Start and Job Routes may vary


Bus leaves Stilwell at 5 A.M. stops in Westville at 5:20 A.M. get to plant 5:50
$5.00 round trip from Stilwell – Westville - $3.00 round trip
Call Stilwell office 918-696-4787 to reserve seat and more information
   Out of Town Fare Rates 6:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.:
South Fairway one way $2.00
Pleasant View one way $2.00
Zion one way $2.00
Chalk Bluff one way $3.00
Cherrytree one way $3.00
Stoney Point one way $3.00
North Lyon Switch one way $3.00
Bell one way $10.00
Greasy one way $10.00
Rocky Mt. one way $10.00
Killer Mt. one way $10.00

These are based upon a vehicle scheduled to that destination:
Sallisaw $10.00
Tahlequah $10.00
Westville $5.00
Muskogee $20.00

All other trips will be based on mileage, time and availability of vehicles.

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